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What We Do

What we love about advertising is the instant feedback. If it works do it again and do it more. If it doesn’t work focus your efforts elsewhere.

Google AdWords

Target your audience on the King of all Search. Be the answer to the question they are asking and the solution to their problem.

Facebook Advertising

This is intelligent marketing and costs much less. Market to people based on their location, demographics and affinities.

Website Design

WordPress is the best and safest choice for long term website success. Search engines love WordPress so you should too.

What We Do Best

Web Design is fun, but Digital Advertising is Exhilerating.

Google AdWords
Paid Search has the most immediate result of any marketing tactic so plan to make it a part of your plan.
Web Design
A website is the best place to host landing pages for your advertising traffic. So let’s start there.
Facebook Advertising
This is the most popular marketing tactic in 2018 and it is very effective. You can get good ROI.
Google Retargeting
Not everyone makes their decision on the first look. Stay in front of them with retargeting efforts.
Keyword Research
Don’twaste your money on one word terms. Go Longtail with Keyword research and pay less per acquisition.
Facebook Retargeting
Stay in front of your sales funnel crew by retarteting them on Facebook. It let’s them get to know you better.

Websites That Convert

A website should have a purpose. To connect with your target audience and turn casual visitors into paying customers. Landing Pages are the marketing glue that makes everything else worth it.

We Design for Mobile Plaforms, too.

Yes your website has to be designed with mobile in mind as do your digital advertising. We live in a mobile first society so make it a priority to keep your marketing efforts mobile friendly.

Fun Facts

With a 72 hour work week we typically need fuel to keep us going. Healthy choices. Well…we will let you decide.

Coke Zeros

Cheesy Bowls

Reeses Pieces

Red Bulls

Word on the Street

People Like Us. You Should Too.

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What Else Do You Do?

Ad Elevation is an end-to-end provider of digital advertising services but there are some key digital marketing services that compliment your advertising in a powerful way when used in tandom.

We specialize in strategic multi channel marketing campains that focus on building and positive brand image, creativing loyalty among fans, and driving new leads to your business. Our data driven approach ensures that you understand the true ROI of your digital marketing efforts, we will work tirelessly to improve your ROI.
Email Marketing
Drip Campaigns to Your Email Subscribers Usually One Campagin Per Week Keeps you top of mind when they think of your industry.
SMS Marketing
An often overlooked optin channel that provides faster response and a great way to promote offers.
Social Media Marketing
Backlinks are still extremely important as well as engaging your audience and building your brand and thought leadership.
Content Marketing
Custom Blogs written in Subject Matter Expert Fashion to make it seem like they were written by someone in your industry.

Okay Google, Where Do We Begin?

We offer Search Engine Marketing and Digital Advertising services to the Small to Medium Size Businesses of East Texas.

This includes but is not limited to Medical, Professional, Restaurants, Hotels, Automotive, Spa/Salon and many more.

We are Competitive

We are competitive on your behalf. Let us manage your paid advertising on Google and keep a tight rain on your bids so they meet your budget.

A Quicker Way to the Top

Cannot seem to make your way to the top organically then why no try and elevate your ads by using Google AdWords.

Digital Ad Strategy

We have to help you discover online personas that are a desciption of your ideal customer and then we target them through advertising.

A Step Above

We want your online presence to stand out and place you one step ahead of your competition and paid advertising can do just that.

Landing Page Optimization

Landing pages are the glue that hold the advertising world together. You want to capture a name and email address to begin the relationship.

Keyword Research

We do the hard work of optimization of your Google AdWords campaign looking for the best keywords to find your ideal client.

Trust the creative process


Discovery Session

This is where we get to know you and your business. It is not about us in this conversation, it is all about you. We will ask questions to better understand your brand and we will work with you to determine your current and future marketing needs.

Strategy Session

Now that we have discovered everything we can about you we try to find links between your needs and the services that we provide. This is done by working together as a team to develop your strategy and discussing the skills and tools that can help you accomplish it.

Branding Work

Branding is so often overlooked but if you have not develped your identity and how to make your business memorable then that is where we will start from a creative perspective. Consitent branding across all marketing efforts is very important.


Creative Review

When we work with you to create your branding we are going to give you options. At this stage in the process we find what you like best from the graphic designs we have to present to you. Then we do more of what you like and less of what you don’t.


Development Work

Whether it is campaign building or social media management we get everything set up, loaded and tested and ready for deployment.


Campaign Deployment

Getting the right message across to your ideal customer at the right time is the key to your success. This stage offers deployment accurately at strategic times for optimal engagement.


Measure Results

Just like the creative review the campaigns need reviewed too but the only difference is you review them after they launch and measure your results looking for trends that can be enhanced and negative patterns that can be omitted in future efforts.

Ready Set Grow!
We are a Start Up Company Based on 12 Years of Freelance Digital Marketing Service to DFW and Destin, Florida. Now proudly serving Derrek’s hometown area of East Texas and gaining momentum fast with great customer service and niche marketing for multiple industries.

Years Experience



With Over 10 Years of Freelance Digital Marketing Experience in DFW and Florida, Derrek Engeler Has Started a Company to Serve the Area He Loves Most – East Texas.

Creating the future

Derrek is Founder and CEO of Engeler Marketing, LLC, a Creative and Digital Marketing Agency in East Texas. Derrek believes in niche marketing and decided to launch five brands to serve the Marketing and Advertising needs of East Texas Businesses.

Derrek is a graduate of Baylor University, where he studied Religion, Sociology, and Communications. Derrek is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary with a Master of Arts in Christian Education. 

Derrek first served in Sports Outreach Ministry for 12 years and has been in Digital Marketing work for the last 8 years. You could say Derrek has been an evangelist of sorts his entire career. At first in the church setting and now helping small businesses evangelize their products and services online.

Derrek is passionate about his Faith. He is the Daddy of the Cutest 4 year old on the Planet, Son of Amazing Parents, an Apple Enthusiast, an Avid Sports Fan, Drinks Sugar-Free Red Bull daily, Listens to Music 24/7, and loves to relax by playing Golf.

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We don’t guarantee first place because we want to under promise and over deliver – but we will bid and battle maximizing your advertising dollar.

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